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Communicating Student Learning with Parents

We are striving for a better way to communicate with parents in a formal way to talk about the assessment going on in the classroom. The 3 way conference will get a conversation started about supporting your child and their learning in the future, beyond the next term but with a continuous mindset of learning for success in society and adulthood. It also makes students more involved in the learning they are being asked to participate in; Self-Assessment is key in the growth of student learning.

  • Using clear, straightforward language
  • Providing information about the growth, progress and achievement of their child
  • Outlining specific interventions and supports that are needed and/or enhance the child’s learning
  • Helping parents understand the next steps in their child’s learning and development and ways they can further their child’s growth
  • Including information about the child as a member of the learning community, their contributions, how they approach learning and that you know and care about their child

We are encouraging parents to bring a friend or translator with them if they feel that language will be an issue in the conference. Although your child could act as a translator, sometimes the message gets confused when they are trying to tell their parents something.

Chaffey-Burke has settlement workers who are here to help parents with translations of information, if as a second language parent you would like some more information, you are encouraged to get a hold of our settlement workers for clarifications. They have been involved and informed with updates about how we are reporting differently during the second term. Out two contacts are & , these support workers are valuable resources and if they cannot answer your questions, will direct you to someone who can.