Parent Resources

Minutes and Meetings

August 24th
Executive Meeting
October 15th PAC Meeting 6:30 PM

November 19th

PAC Meeting 2:00 PM

January 21stPAC Meeting 6:30 PM


February 18th PAC Meeting 2:00 PM


April 15th PAC Meeting  6:30 PM

April 29th PAC Learning Presentation – Mariam Miller Part 2

May 20th

PAC Meeting (AGM + Elections) 6:30 PM

June 20th

PAC Meeting If required 6:30 PM

 Chaffey-Burke PAC Budget to Come    

Parent Workshops and School Information

Parent Volunteers at Chaffey-Burke
Parent Volunteers at Chaffey-Burke (Translation)
Mandarin Parenting Group Workshops
How Parents Register.pdf
 Social Emotional Learning – Parent toolkit