Tuesday January 30th @ 6:30 School Gym

Come and join us in an interactive presentation around Teaching with the Redesigned Curriculum and Core Competencies. Find out how they are being used in the classroom to support learning, assessment & the curriculum. Become more engaged and aware on how you can support your own child’s learning with these implementations in schools

Introduction: Curriculum /Competencies / Assessment & Reporting

A )  Assessment as/ for / of Learning

B) Descriptive Feed Back / Reflection

C)  Rubrics /Criteria Process Driven Curriculum not Content drive Curriculum as the previous ones have been

Group Activity: At various grade levels – covering different curricular areas

Parent Activity:  to engage parents to think critically about the how to share their learning to another group of people or individuals. Focus on core competency skills of critical thinking and communications as students would have to do in their learning at school.

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