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B.C.’s New Curriculum

Currently, There is a lot of change taking place with the direction of learning in British Columbia. Part of this change has to do with the B.C.curriculum and the change from outcome focuses to competency based focus. Parents should be watching and listening to what is happening with this by checking out the ministry website and getting some background information on what these changes might look like. Check out the faq page that give parents some rationale for the changes in the curriculum.

As school change to the new curriculum, there is much excitement that teachers will be able to dig deeper into learning making it more meaningful, engaging and connected to the real world through skills that students can apply as the grow up and become citizens in our society.

I am looking forward to sharing many more updates as we continue the journey this year and in the next few to come.


C.Bortolussi – “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can  take it away from you” B.B. King