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Inquiry and It’s Many Forms

Inquiry is a way of learning that engages the learner to take some ownership of the concepts they are interested in. Teachers act more as facilitators of learning  connecting concepts to the curriculum and giving feedback, so children understand and reflect on the clear learning intentions connectioned to learning. Students use skills (editing) and strategies (think, pair share) that are used in various learning situations. This connectedness makes learning more meaningful, as children explore, engage and make personal connections to what needs to be learned based on curricular competencies, big ideas and learning standards

Along with this, asking questions to clarify and drill down, is essential for Inquiry to happen. If we add in peer and self assessment of the concepts being taught, as well as, questions, criteria and intentions, then all facets of this engagement supports the larger practice of Assessment FOR & AS Learning!

We hope this helps make clearer your understanding of what students are engaged in around our school. What the focused connection to curricular competencies, big ideas and learning standards are trying to do  in  our school, district and province.