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Assessment and Reporting : Engaging in the New Ways of the Curriculum

Related to reporting  this term our school’s learning plan is to “make learning/ thinking visible”. Our staff is working hard at developing strategies and opportunities to make the thinking & learning visible, so parents and students can better understand the work that is going on at school. We want you to be more engaged in feedback and the improvement cycle of learning. “Reporting is an extension of assessment & assessment at various grade levels uses criteria, rubrics and feedback from teachers to refine/ improve learning & assessment.  Keeping with this change over the next several reporting period,  teachers will be having three-way or student led conferences.

Both formats are used to engage students in their own learning.  

  • Three-way conferences are usually led by teachers and dialogue with parents and students round out the conversation.  
  • Student-led, are specifically that, led by the student with minimal input on that day by the teacher, however, there has been a tremendous amount of coaching and practice that is involved in that particular process.  

Whatever the case, the goal is to involve children to a greater degree in their own learning, understand feedback , progress and reflect on ways that students and improve on their own learning with the guide & facilitation of the adults in their lives.  

New to this reporting period is a sliding scale of assessment, this will give you a more specific idea as to your child’s proficiency in specific areas. This scale is currently being adapted across the district in consultation with the district. There may be minor changes moving forward, but these changes are being made to pick words that represent a broad category in the most engaging and meaningful ways.  


New Language 


New Language 


New Language 


New Language 

Not Yet Meeting  Minimally Meeting  Meeting   Exceeding 
 Not Yet Meeting Meeting Expectations 

The change in language is important to understand, as we continue to use a scale, however as we work with children we want them to feel enabled and engaged in their own learning and support them as they grow. 

What the district has found, is that the previous language was harsh and often led to student not engaging and disinterested in their own learning. Secondly, Schools (school district) feel that giving a parent an honest report of students’ progress is important and using “not yet meeting” is often discouraging for student and parents to hear. As we know and move to a more open mindset the language of Emerging and Developing is much more appropriate for engagement and conversation about growth and learning. 

At the heart of this continuous growth and learning are conversations with parents and student about progress and how to improve learning with the feedback given, to be reflective 

There will be 2 early dismissal days over the next month to accommodate the reporting period and processes. 

  • Tuesday, March 12th , Early Dismissal 1:55 for Three-Way/ student led conferences 

Report Cards Home, Thursday, April 4th 

  • Wednesday, April 10th, Early Dismissal 1:55 for Three-Way/ student led conferences 


Claudio Bortolussi, 

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”!     B.B. King